Established in 2002, Beijing Green East Technology Co., Ltd mainly engaged in engineering design of clean energy integration device and technical value-added service, with its scope of business covering integration device for city clean automobile fuel ( LPG, CNG ) and Gas-filling station , the equipment for storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas ( LNG ) and the agency for low temperature series valves.
  In 2006, Beijing Green East Technology Co., Ltd has obtained the certificate of qualification for the design of special type equipment pressure container (issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, number of certification : TS1210262 - 2010 ) ,

【Design & development】 |【Engineering construction】
Tank container
High-pressure vessel
Spherical tank
Low temperature vessel
LPG air-filling station
Air supply in community
Projects for military
【Consultation service】 |【Product Agency】

Certification consultation
Technology consultation
Design permission
ISO9000 Certification
Acquire certificate

Pump valve
Rupture disk
Flexible conduit
Quik joint


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